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Safe Guarding Hindu Temples

Ammavari Temple at JBS

Yesterday 13.07.2016, Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) – Picket Secunderabad Division Officials in the Process of extension of the Depot have decided to demolish near by Ammavari temple, but being opposed by the localized people, the official were able to demolish the Compound wall of the Temple and were heading towards the Main Temple. So the localized people seeked the intervention of Shiv Sena Telangana Party into this issue, headed by T.N. Murari (President of the Party) along with Party members meet the Top Officials of TSRTC – Picket Secunderabad, Division and expressed protest against the demolition of the Temple Compound wall and demanded to retrace its steps by submitted a Letter. In return     TSRTC – Officials assured to safeguard the Temple and to rebuilding the Compound wall.

And also Shiv Sena Telangana Party President demands Telangana Government not to encourage such activities in the State & Safeguard the Hindu Sentiments’.

By – T.N. Murari (Shiv Sena Telangana Party President)

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